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On the Road towards Europe

Summary of our activities in 2014

Friday 7 November 2014

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To give you an overview of the events that have taken place this year in our association, we present you with a report on our progress so far. If any of the activities mentioned here catches your interest, do not hesitate to contact us !!

project Erasmus Europe
In January two members of our association went to Berlin to discuss with SONED -Friedrichshain the possibility of cooperation and exchange on South-South projects. As a result, we had the pleasure of welcoming four members of the project « l’Artdusoleil » here in France. We spent a few days discussing the terms of our collaboration on training sessions related to permaculture and renewable energies. « l’Artdusoleil » (’The Art of the Sun’) is working on modifying a truck into a fully-equipped mobile school for self-sustainability.

In February we worked on our files and explored the possible courses of action within the european programs.

In April we received the visit of a SONED-member to work on the final edition of Erasmus application. The file was conceived as a two-year project and submitted to the commission in late April. We are currently on the waiting list. We, the DOIT project partners have agreed that even in the absence of a sustained funding we will try to pool our resources and knowledge. The platform worldtoknow.org is provided by PFCO for all project partners and ready to upload courses and trace activity progress.

In September, three of our members, including myself, went on a trip to Germany. The trip was organized together with “l’Artdusoleil” and SONED. To start with, we presented the exhibition - translated into German - at the Leipzig ’DEGROWTH’ conference. The exhibition could be visited for a week at the “market of possibilities”. On this occasion the German copy was made available to SONED. The Berlin association has undertaken to run the show in various educational organizations in Germany.

On September the 4th at Moritzbastei we organized together with SONED a PEACE THROUGH MUSIC concert with A PONY NAMED OLGA, a Trio performing in their own unique style that we could call ’Polkabilly-Punk’. Also, a new group was formed on the occasion: the CHANGE BRIGADE. Musicians from various bands like Blechreiz, Eatus Featus, 44 Leningrad and Los Bomberos de Montecruz gathered to interpret different tunes in their own style.

Christine and Fanny volunteered to help with the conference catering and our exhibition quickly gained people’s interest. We had the possibility to set up the SONED exhibition (on projects in the southern hemisphere) right next to us, which facilitated management. Meanwhile, the ’artdusoleil’ workshops were held in adjacent buildings.

On the second part of our journey we headed north, destination Berlin. After two days break, which we spent exploring the new environment, we were invited by our Catalan friends to participate in a workshop called “integral revolution”. The workshop explains the functioning of the “cooperativa integral catalane” and it’s role for the catalan social network. The last days were dedicated to discussions about possibilities of collaboration at European and global level, as well as to the introduction of the dragon dreaming concept and techniques.

The exhibition was open in January in Pouy of Touges and February in the rooms of the “Musicophages” in Toulouse. We also organised a one day’s exhibition at the Audinac tree-nursery and another one on the 20th of July at Ste Croix Volvestre on the occasion of «journée o’ initiatives» (’The Initiatives Day). With this exhibition weexpose a page destined to the fundraising for permaculture classes at Bizung School in Ghana. In order to explain the process of financing permaculture classes in music schools, we started to work on a small permaculture exhibition showing images of different steps and approaches that makes it easy for anyone interested to get involved.

Since we couldn’t be in France for the ’Playing For Change’ Day, we lent our exhibition to the ’Albi for Change’ association for their PFC day concert, idea which was met with much enthusiasm.

English class
From March to July we offered English classes in Martres. The attendance was not too bad, with an average number of eight participants. The motivation level was reassuring and we had some nice culinary experiences. So, provided enough people are interested, we will consider the resumption of the English class.

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