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Youth in permaculture - creating sustainable future

a networking project in France and Europe

Wednesday 14 June 2017

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YIP = Youth in permaculture, is a new initiative to support and empower youths and young adults to create resilient, fulfilling and fun lives inspired by permaculture.

Encouraged by Children in Permaculture (CIP), several youths involved in permaculture, and various teachers and facilitators in the permaculture community formed to create a diverse team from over eight countries and many organizations to begin to build this exciting project. Despite the will to make YIP a European scale project, during its creation, France did not have a representative group. Fortunately, this will not be long the case, because the YIP French group is under construction.

The creation of a French network, “Youth in Permaculture” (YIP) aims to valorise young people in the development of actions that resemble them and inspired by permaculture, all in joy. Its aim is also to enable young people to make their voices heard in the associative and social groups, and then carry out innovative professional projects.

This national structure will be linked to YIP Europe, which will enable young citizens to discover, learn from, and use permaculture in order to be guided in the design of their life projects. A working group is being consolidated to develop YIP France. For this, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a civic volunteer service whose mission will be the creation and development of this network. Want to support this beautiful project? For more information, please contact us through the contact page or by email at info@playingforchangeoccitanie.org

View online : our french crowdfunding campaign